Info - June 2018

The current rules are subject to amendments and will be updated at the appropriate time.

Forum Rules

  • Profanity is limited to an acceptable standard by using a censored words list. Please refrain from using profanity in Forum posts where possible.
  • Offensive Account names will result in your account being suspended or deleted at the Administrators discretion.
  • The posting of external website links on the Forum is strictly prohibited with the exception of YouTube Media. - Only Administrators may post external links as and when appropriate. However, you may post links to [DBH] Website Pages, or other Forum Pages in your posts.
  • Please avoid topic replication (repeated posting of the same thread) where possible. This makes the Forum more difficult to navigate and may overwrite useful topics.
  • You will be banned from the Forum if you use any form of Racism.
  • You will be banned from the Forum if you discuss or post any links related to Hacking.

Server Rules

  • Some of our Gaming Servers have an MOTD broadcast, this will signify additional rules applicable to that specific server. Please take time to read any broadcasts displayed in our Servers.
  •  Exploits or Glitching can be tolerated to an extent, however, they are widely not tolerated. Many of them can not be stopped due to holes in the Game Engine. We ask all players to avoid using Exploits where possible. You may be penalized or removed from the server if you continuously use Exploits, this will be at the Administrators discretion. However, exploits will not warrant a Server Ban.
  • You will be banned from our Gaming Servers should you use any form of Hacking.
  • You may be removed from the Server should you frequently use profanity or resort to chat or weapon spamming. Alternatively, the server may be locked or muted at the Administrators discretion.
  • Players who rejoin after being removed from the Server may be locked out until the end of the round. This is at the Administrators discretion.

Website Rules

  • The majority of Graphics on the [DBH] Website, and introductory paragraphs are the strict property of [DBH] and their respected authors. Unauthorized use will be seen as copyright infringement.
  • To apply for Recruitment with [DBH], please refer to the Recruitment Page located in the Navigation Bar. Requests made on the Guestbook will be ignored.

Media Rules

[DBH] Media Policy

  • All media hosted on the [DBH] YouTube Channel, Website, Forum and any other hosted system belongs to [DBH] and there respectful designers, compilers and editors.
  • Any media to which relates to [DBH] in any way must be hosted from a [DBH] approved or Managed Channel. Managed Channels include our: YouTube, Website, Forum, Media Account.
  • Additional [DBH] Media Channels may be created by [DBH] Admin / Management Staff.
  • Any other [DBH] members who are non-management may be given access to the media channel, this will be at the Administrators Absolute discretion.
  • Any [DBH] member may create media for the [DBH} community, but this media must be hosted from a [DBH] approved or Managed Channel / Website. This must be approved prior to upload by a member of Administration / Management.
  • [DBH] members found to be hosting [DBH] related content on any other Channels / Websites without prior approval will be in breach of this policy and will therefore be penalized. Should the content not be removed immediately in accordance to this policy, you will be dismissed from [DBH] membership.
  • Many [DBH] members create graphics and animation work from scratch, and the misuse of this whether in part or in full, will be deemed as Copyright Infringement.