Alliance Listings & Information

 [DBH] are no longer offering Alliances with Clan's or other Gaming Communities.

Below is a list of active alliances.

{CA} - Crazy Assassins Clan

{CA} is military style clan which was created at the begining of the Aliens Vs Predator gaming series. With having strict rules, global expertise and some of the finest technology in their disposal, {CA} were one of the most advanced clans of their time. Within their clan, there were over 500 members in the early days, and these numbers rapidly multiplied over the years. The founders of {CA} were mostly former military personel, and they felt amongst themselves to give a great deal back to the online gaming industry. They created a community of several hundred members and were upmost respected for their efforts and work. {CA} created some of the first single and multiplayer maps, and were the first clan to host a dedicated Tier 3 server. {CA} played agressively, but were never disrespectful to others. They were always professional, skilled, and dedicated members of the community. They created a comprehensive ranking system and offered a vast ammount of opportunities and rewards within their clan. They even sponsored modders and mappers to continue their excellent work for the community.

{SA} - Shadow Assassins Clan

The Shadow Assassins clan was formaly known as {BD} - Black Dragoons back in the early days. And was founded by {BD}_Spyder_COA. He founded his clan of [PD] - Pred disciples in the year 2000. Black Dragoons was created soon after, and was part of [PD]. Because of the {BD} well known name and presence, it quickly became one the largest and most comprehensive clans in AvP2 history. Having over 5 divisions within the Black Dragoons itself. Along side these divisions were, [PD], and {SOD} - Soldiers Of Darkness. Each division had a leader, and a squad of at least 20 members. Using their extensive skills, in communication and strategic play, {BD} were a tough clan to play, and never backed down from a challenge. They always participated in friendly clan matches and worked together with an upmost respect for each other to develop one of the best clans ever. In the most recent years, {BD} members retired, and migrated to other games. {BD} no longer host servers and are seen very rarely in game. The names {BD} and {SOD} are now used by other clans, so as of 2008, the clan was renamed {SA} - Shadow Assassins.

[TRIBE] - The [TRIBE] Clan

The [TRIBE] are a clan formally of Aliens Vs Predator. Where they hosted 2 servers for around 3 years. Upon the release of Aliens Vs predator 2 in 2001, [TRIBE] decided to advance to this game in hope for a new hunt and challenge. They hosted 2 DSL servers from their village in Africa for 4 years. [TRIBE] never used plasma, and believed in basic weaponry only. The only tracking weapon considered acceptable was the Disc. They hunt using melee, nets and spear gun. The disc and remote bombs are considered last resorts. [TRIBE] fight with honor and are always willing to conquer a new quest. The Clan from Africa was ifounded by the Father of current leader, Junavo. The founder, named Burning Spear, believed that his clan was to obtain true honor and respect from all the Yaut'ja kind. [TRIBE] are seen very little these days, due to IT changes in their current village, they are now unable to host their servers, and have little bandwidth to play the game. Their presence may now be fading, but their legacy lives on forever.