The Gaming Network

About our Servers:

Our dedicated servers are powered by Quad Core Processors, with generous memory and bandwidth. They are optimized for gaming and based in both England and Germany. We currently host for over 8 different games and are always looking to expand. We want all players to have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on our network.

We offer a Teamspeak 3 Server for [DBH] members and steam group friends, and we also have a low bandwidth legacy server for older games such as Aliens Vs Predator 2. Servers can be seen below.

[DBH] Alien Swarm Hosted Servers

[DBH] AvP 2010 Servers

[DBH] Ark: Survival Evolved Server

[DBH] Killing Floor Server

[DBH] Left 4 Dead Servers

[DBH] Minecraft Server

[DBH] Serious Sam 3 Server

[DBH] Teamspeak 3 Server

[DBH] Unreal Tournament 3 Server

[DBH] AvP2 Servers

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